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COLLETTE TECH is a tech shop that combines a passion for design and technology with a love for skydiving.

COLLETTE TECH is a small business founded in 2016 by Reggie Collette.  Reggie has 12+ years of experience as an Electrical Engineer and is a practitioner in the machine shop.  These passions have been combined with his passion for skydiving to form COLLETTE TECH.  In our small shop we use the power of 3D scanning, 3D printing, CAD modeling, and traditional machining to develop our products.  We buy raw materials from trusted suppliers.  All products are 100% manufactured and assembled in our small shop right in the middle of the USA to control quality and maintain safety requirements.  While technology is our passion, SAFETY is our number one focus.  We rigorously test all of our products for all imaginable circumstances.  And if we think of a circumstance that we haven't tested for, we get out the jigs, presses, strain gauges, and the pull gauges, and we test it again!  We kind of like testing, it's how we learn and get better.   We may only make camera mounts, but it's never just a camera mount.  If that mount puts your life in danger, you must be able to depend on your equipment 100% of the time to function properly and as expected, even if it's "just a camera mount".  See our safety and testing section for more info on safety data and criteria.

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