From time to time we get a message saying something like "Can you ship to.....".  The answer is almost always yes.  We charge approximately $30 USD for international shipping via the US Postal Service and have shipped to all of the countries marked below.  VAT taxes are still the responsibility of the customer.  International shipping typically takes about 8-10 business days.  If you need it faster we can ship via other methods.  Just select your proffered shipping method from one of the many options at checkout.
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Collette Tech is shop founded on the idea of bringing safer camera mounts for full face helmets to the market quickly.  We use production methods that allow us to make unique designs quickly in medium volumes that most manufacturers would not be able to support given the typically low production volumes associated with the sport of skydiving.  G3 Cutaway

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Look for new releases coming in 2020 which will bring some major updates to our mount lineup.  Sign up for our news letter and be the first to know when they are announced.